Fixed Shoring

On ships, the shoring equipment called fixed shoring is used to support a leaking or weak hatch. This is used when a compartment needs to be permanently sealed due to excessive water flooding due to damage. This beam/fixed shoring is located near the hatches that lead to the underwater compartments of the ships.

This shoring is made of steel and consists of two permanent hooks welded on both sides. There are two steel eyes welded at both sides of the hatch opening for the fixed shoring.

During the shoring, after closing the hatch, the two hooks need to be linked with the steel eyes fixed beside the hatch, and the gap between the hatch and the fixed shoring is to be tightened using hardwood wedges.

Fixed Shoring
Fixed Shoring
A Steel Eye fixed at a Hatch
A Steel Eye fixed at a Hatch


  • After Engine Room Hatch
  • Forward Engine Room Hatch
  • Other hatches below the main deck

Procedure for Using the Fixed Shore: Shoring Equipment

  1. Remove the fixed shoring from the stowage.
  2. Close the hatch and tighten all the clips fully.
  3. Hook the fixed shoring to the eyes on both sides of the hatches.
  4. Pack the gap between the fixed shoring and hatch with two sets of hardwood wedges.
Hardwood Wedge
Hardwood Wedge

Safety Precautions

  1. Close all the openings inside the compartments as per the content circle marking before closing the hatch.
  2. Ensure no one is trapped inside the compartment before closing the door.
  3. Close the hatch and tighten all the clips fully.

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