Grid Shoring

Grid shores, one of the types of shoring bars are generally used in the machinery spaces and where there is no place for erecting the proud shore. This has a fixed leg and an adjustable leg. The legs can be fixed to the transverse frames of the ship and the adjustable sliding spindle on the centre can hold the Splinter Box against the damage.

Grid Shoring
Grid Shoring
Grid Shoring Bars
Grid Shoring Bars
Grid Shoring Bars
Grid Shoring Bars

This is very easy to use and time-conserving compared to square shoring.

Procedure for Use

  1. Remove the shore from the stowage space.
  2. Move the adjustable leg according to the frame spacing and fix the legs to the frames on both sides of the damaged portion.
  3. Tighten the adjustable leg to the channel beam.
  4. Put the Splinter Box on to the damaged portion.
  5. Position the sliding spindle to the centre of the Splinter Box.
  6. Tighten the spindle to the Splinter Box.

Safety Precautions for Using Grid Shoring Bars

  1. Tighten the adjustable legs fully to the channel beam before fixing the Splinter Box.
  2. Use proper tools for fixing the shore.


  1. The Timber Shore should be painted with fire retardant paint.
  2. Check the shores for any damage/ cracks.
  3. If damaged replace with the new shore.

Click HERE to watch a video about shoring in construction works.

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